Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Santa...

This has been a very cold week. My demands are strictly utilitarian.

Please bring me a house-broken fire monster.

If you are out of house-broken fire monsters, I will take a space heater.

If you are out of space heaters, I will take a heap of blankets and a wish.

If you are out of wishes, please have a heart to heart with Mother Nature and let her know that I now have 7 fingers battling frostbite and what appear to be early signs of trench foot.

I would tell her myself, but the postman looked at me weird when I gave him an envelope addressed to "outside."

Merry Christmas, Santa.

But seriously.



Laura Ladd said...

:) love!

Soares said...

But... it's not snowing yet :|

Soares said...
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