Friday, October 5, 2012

Inaugural Address


I'm Molly.

If I could describe myself in 4 words, I would have succeeded in fooling you that I can express myself succinctly.

I can't.

If I could get my thoughts out in 140 characters or less I'd have a twitter.

(Side note, I do have a twitter. But I find everything I want to say requires at least 142 characters. I've tried tweeting the tweeters at twitter to see about extending the tweet limit, but they tweeted me back tweeting that they didn't understand what I was asking since I was cut off halfway through my question.)

So I've decided to re-grease my blogging cogs and see what happens.

Don't you just love uncertainty? I sure do. That's why I'm waiting to decide what I'm gonna be when I grow up. Who needs assured success and a definite plan to happiness? Blegh.

I prefer to live in fear.


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Laura Ladd said...

Yaaaaay! Now you really do have to get that "Blogging Molly" dress from Modcloth! :D

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